How To Create A Happy Customer!

Customer satisfaction is the key to growing a successful business. Word of mouth can create an incredible buzz for you or could be your downfall. Remembering that customers are more likely to talk about a negative experience than a positive one, especially on social media, it is more important than ever to create a wow factor with anyone who interacts with and supports your business, no matter how big your company grows.

Here are some simple steps to creating a happy customer!

  • Gather feedback and listen! It’s one thing to ask for customer feedback and can be a challenge in a small business to even be willing to accept it! After all it’s your baby they are judging. However, listening to feedback and acting on the useful content that can help you turn your business into exactly what your dream clients want, is a big deal. Listen, adapt accordingly and grow.

  • You can use very simple and FREE marketing tools such as survey monkey to gather information from customers to make sure you are providing what they need and how you can improve.

  • Know the right language to use and communicate effectively with your customers.

  • Stay conversational and human, remembering the statement, the customer is always right, but also that we have moved on from the days of old, where you can now communicate in an open honest and less robotic way. So ditch the robotic responses such as we apologise for the inconvenience, etc but use proactive and conversational phrases like, “I know what we can do” “Let me help you find another way to….” “ My suggestion would be to perhaps try….”  “Let me show you the alternatives”…

  • Create a happy workplace environment. Happy employees make happy customers and in turn a successful business. We have all interacted with someone who clearly hates their job, and no matter how skilled at it they may be, if they don’t like their work environment or job path their productivity and attitude towards it will be useless. Be aware of what your staff needs to help you succeed and hire accordingly. Take your time and don’t rush to fill a space with staff.

  • Be sensitive to your customers time and always be aware of their needs and pain points, even if they are not 100% sure themselves. Provide the answers and help that they are searching for and you will have a loyal following in no time!

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