How a Brand can Connect with their Audience Emotionally

So you have the product, you have your target market all figured out but how do you get your ideal client to fall in love with your brand? What approach  should you take to engage with your audience, increase sales and get the results you are looking for? Emotional branding is an approach to marketing that will help consumers connect to your brand.  But what exactly is it and how does it work?

Emotional branding is a way to connect with your audience and develop meaningful relationships.By using emotional branding to connect with your audienceit’s important to know your target market and understand their pain points or what it is that your product or brand is doing for them. What value are you providing and how, in some way or another, you make their lives better. Through this type of marketing you can personalize a brand to your key audience’s interests and needs which in return will allow your customers to build a comfortable familiarity with your product while at the same time building anemotional connection around your brand or business.

By researching and discovering who it is you are communicating with, who the audience that your company will appeal to is, what their likes and dislikes are, and how they connect and align with the company,you can pinpointyour target audience, then yourbrand can establish the reasons why and how they engage with you and how to create a specific approach to connect with them in a way that speaks directly to them.

Using an approach that appeals to your audience’s personal emotions can alter a relatively unknown business into a brand that audience’s can relate to and that they care about.


A great way to personalize your brand, is by connecting to your audience through stories and experiences not just through the product to be sold. Create stories that show the beliefs and personality of your brand. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and honest. Being genuine creates trust and in turn builds loyalty.


While trying to connect to your audience use natural emotions like humour or empathy to help make that initial connection. Humans want to relate to others on a connected level and by showing them that you share the same basic emotions as they do you’re showing your audience not just where your product or service comes from and what its purpose isbut also that it is built by real people just like them. By doing this you’re showing your audience that your brand doesn’t only have a website and a logo by that it also has a face and personality.If you are using social media, don’t be afraid to feature on your own brands marketing or show your team. Allow your target audience to get to know the people behind the scenes.


 Do your research, conduct surveys, be attentive, and ask questions this will also help to establish how you can connect emotionally to your audience. If you want your audience to see that you have a face and a personality, then it is of upmost importance to treat your customer as if you know them and care for them and that they’re not just a faceless consumer. Demonstrate that you understand the needs of your audience, make memorable personalized impressions but through it all it is of the upmost importance to stay consistent. Without consistency it will be hard for your audience to develop and keep trust in the brand.


A brand can also connect emotionally to an audience through the art of storytelling in marketing, this is an easy way to relate to your audience through the use of raw emotions. Emotions such as sadness, happiness, love, or excitement, stories are easily relatable and shareable, and by doing this you’ll be able to see what triggers them emotionally and what they relate to.


 Choosing the right colours for your brand can also play a major role in forming an emotional connection as colours and emotions are closely linked. After you’ve done the required research to determine not only who your key demographic is and what their persona is your brand should choose a colour that aligns with the emotions of the desired audience.


If you are looking for new strategies to strengthen your brand’s marketing, contact us today to discuss ways to connect with your target audience and take your strategic marketing to the next level.

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