SEO and why we need it (Search Engine Optimization)

There are some businesses out there who still feel SEO isn’t right for them. Whether they think their business is too small, or they think their business just won’t reap the benefits from search engines. Both claims couldn’t be further from the truth. These days the majority of businesses are discovered entirely online through searches. Without a plan for search engine optimization, your business could get lost amidst a sea of companies and brands similar to your own and you will lose the opportunity to stand out and be discovered by potential new clients.


Falling behind in rankings in searches will also remove you from being top of mind to consumers. The more you show up and people see your name and brand, the more likely people will look you up first when they do require a service that you provide.


If you are a new business SEO is absolutely necessary to establish your place online and stand out amongst your competitors. This is even more important if you are a business owner of a company that has a lot of competition for example a dentist, car dealership, lawyer or accountant. If you are lucky, and specialize in something incredibly unique, planning your SEO strategy might be a lot easier, as you are less likely to get lost in a crowd when people search for something very specialized.  However, it is still important that you are using the right approaches when creating your website, writing blogs, tags and creating meta data.


Perhaps you are already established and feel that you don’t require a plan for your Search Engine Optimization? SEO is an extremely useful tool for the continued growth of your business. It keeps you front of mind and helps you to maintain a steady connection with your potential clients and current ones too.


In todays world people use search engineson a daily basis, multiple times a day

Internet users rely on search engines to answer questions, to educate themselves on the products they intend to buy and the services they use, and to find which company to go with. This is true for the local, national, as well as the worldwide level.For the average person it’s much easier to type a business category into a search engine then it is to remember a name, let alone a whole domain name.

By making it easy for search engines to find and organize your information you will receive a higher ranking. This directly leads to more exposure which also leads to an increase in overall traffic on the desired web page

This helps to ensure that you get your content in front of as many people as possible.

Search engines return answers to the information seeker after they enter the desired words, term or phrase, getting to the top of the list means you’re providing data to potential customers when they want it, and as they need it.

SEO is extremely inexpensive compared to traditional advertising. With SEO you already have an active and engaged audience looking for your product or service whereas with traditional advertising you’re paying to promote your product to people who may or may not be interested.

You’ll get more leads converted into customers because the SEO will ensure that your webpage is getting more qualified traffic to your page. Results from search engine searches also allow businesses to engage directly with their customers straight from the result pages which helps to ensure that the engagement as well as the conversion is as easy as possible.

SEO can boost your rankings in search engines as well as boost your reputation as a qualified and trusted source compared to the competition. People in general tend to trust companies that rank higher up in the search engine search, they tend to choose a company listed on the first page of the search results rather than a company listed much farther down on the search results.

Search Engine Optimization is necessary for any business with a website, and if you need help planning yours, contact us today to see how Digital Monk Marketing can help.

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