Emotional Branding Builds Genuine Connections With Your Audience

To drive genuine connections with your audience, build a loyal following and ultimately convert viewers to customers, your brand needs to meet consumers on an emotional level by telling great stories that are true to who you are as a company.


Emotional branding is when you appeal to the emotional state, needs & aspirations of your audience. Your goal is to form a relationship between the consumer and your product or brand by provoking a connection to what really matters to them. You may be marketing cars or beauty products, but what you’re actually selling is convenience, luxury, safety and sustainability.


Philosophers have talked about the concept of persuasion for centuries. Invoking emotions and imagination draws people towards your brand in a way that sparks curiosity and drives attachment. Appealing to a sense of logic and reason also helps people to work through the necessary justification required to build lifelong brand fans. Establishing credibility and authority puts you well ahead of your competition and makes you likely to remain there for a long time once your audience has been persuaded. Making a genuine connection to their needs and demonstrating how you fulfill them will earn you advocates that will prove invaluable in growing your business.


The need to infuse a human element into your branding and marketing has always been crucial but has become even more relevant in today’s fast paced world that can often be quite disconnected. Companies and marketers are tasked with finding ways to connect over ultra quick videos, chats and mediums that disappear as fast as they came and the only way to truly capture interest and maintain continuity is to tell a story that is genuine, true and emotionally appealing.


Companies like Nike have nailed this type of branding by connecting to an individual, creating an association to things your customers care about, focusing on what the audience gains by being your customer and relating to the identities, who we are and what we value, of those watching.


Some core emotions that marketers will draw on to build important connections with their audience are:


● Instant Gratification – Buy Now, Get it Today – Anything that speaks to the buyers desire to get what they need right now

● Happiness – Who doesn’t want to associate happiness with a brand they support?

Fear – One of the most powerful motivators, fear based marketing will get people moving!

Belonging – A crucial emotional need that is even more important in today’s society, we all want to belong and many brands have done an excellent job of using this to their advantage

Values – Sharing the values your company stands for will create powerful connections with your audience that also shares those values

Pride – When a purchase or follow makes a customer feel proud of what they have been a part of, you generate strong emotional ties

Trust – Core to every relationship including those with your customers, trust is the most important emotional bond to build with your audience

Sadness – Sometimes people like to feel sadness that brings them on the journey with your advertising

Anger – When you’re talking about a cause, anger will inspire your audience to DO and that can make a big difference

●  Guilt – We always recommend positive emotional branding, but when used well, guilt will get people motivated like nothing else


When building your brand strategy, social platforms, SEO, and anything your customers will connect with, always consider the underlying emotional connection your audience needs to make in order to become enthusiastic consumers of your product, service and messaging. Digital Monk is here to help if you need expert advice on showcasing your brand, crafting strong emotional messaging and building a stream of followers and brand advocates. Reach out today to get a conversation going on how we can help you nail Emotional Branding.

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