From Macro to Micro: The Rise of Niche Platforms and Microinfluencers

Probably the biggest trend in marketing right now is the shift from macro to micro on social platforms that many marketers are still wrapping their heads around. Audiences are demanding real connections with the platforms, groups and influencers they follow and are looking for brands that they can feel truly connected to. There are several lesser known platforms and social media personalities gaining a ton of ground with users looking for a more authentic experience that can only be found by narrowing in on more specific content and smaller groups connected by more unique interests.

Platforms like Meetup, Amino and Care2 are great examples of ways to find small niche groups of your customers that are connected by a specific interest that resonates with your brand. Engaging with your customers on these platforms is a great way to show them who your brand truly is and how they can be a part of that story. Here are some of our favourites:

Meetup gathers people with similar interests and can be a marketers dream for event planning and bridging the online and physical communities with similar values and interests. Meetup groups can be as specific as Calgary 20’s and 30’s Outdoor enthusiasts and can range from one time events to a regular weekly or monthly meeting. It’s a great way for the audience to find like-minded people and for brands to facilitate those connections.

Amino is like Reddit but targeted at Gen Z and much more segmented. Communities can be quite specific but many still have up to a million followers. Young people are looking for like-minded individuals and Amino delivers. The best part? Amino has not yet been monetized so marketing is still free or very low cost.

Care2 covers everything related to making our world a better place, which marketers are learning is a critical part of what consumers now expect from the brands they support. From sharing sustainable recipes to discussing social issues, this is the place to connect with the organizations and issues that matter to your target audience

Private Groups on large platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are also becoming more common areas where users are gravitating. Special interests, shared goals and community based groups are some of the most popular and range in how specific they get. Want to reach car enthusiasts or talk about beauty regimens? Groups like these are an awesome way to create, or join, groups that really matter to your customer and connect with them in a meaningful way.

Microinfluencers are another key part of the overall downsizing trend in marketing right now. These influencers usually have around 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers and are becoming much more attractive to marketers, and consumers, because they often feel more authentic and relatable.. People are more willing to trust the opinions of those they know or feel like they know. Microinfluencers have the ability to build a close knit audience by digging deeper into specific topics that viewers are invested in. Influencers with an audience of less than 100,000 followers are known to have 85% higher engagement rates over those who have larger following so this is a great sweet spot to look for!

Overall, audiences are moving towards building connections that feel more genuine and want to participate with brands better fit them. By focusing your efforts on more narrow segments of your audience, you’ll find a stronger brand bond and will have a higher likelihood of developing lifelong brand fans and advocates.

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