Why You Should Hire an SEO Company

Many small to medium businesses in Calgary have made the assumption that they aren’t large enough or can’t afford to hire an SEO company to manage their search engine rankings for them, but the opposite is true. Small and medium businesses are often competing against heavyweights in their industries which means you absolutely need to leverage the expertise of an SEO company to put you in front of potential customers. One of the best things about search engines is that the playing field can be levelled and a well optimized small business can rank right up there with the larger players if it’s done well.

Calgary’s small and medium businesses need to hire an SEO company. Here’s why:

A professional and reputable SEO company in Calgary will help you and your business in so many ways. Learning about and keeping on top of optimization techniques is time consuming and can be overwhelming. When you hire a company to do it for you, you will likely be relieved to have the task off your plate, saving you time that you can focus on running your business. Your website will improve, your visibility will grow and over time your results will get better and better. Let’s take a closer look at all of the ways:

Leverage Expertise 

Gaining all of the knowledge of a seasoned SEO professional can take years of learning and requires constant updates to stay on top of changes and trends. By hiring a local SEO company, you are able to leverage their expertise so you don’t need to spend the time and money becoming an expert, especially if digital and technical techniques are not your forte.

Save Time

When you leverage the expertise of a local SEO company, you save yourself a TON of time. You no longer need to spend time learning techniques and how to use SEO tools. You also free yourself up to do what you are good at – servicing your clients and managing your business.

Save Money

You’ll find that hiring a professional company will also save you a ton of money. Not only will you not need to spend money educating yourself and purchasing tools, you will also save money by working in your business rather than needing to pay someone else.

You will also find that the money invested in working with an SEO company will pay off in dividends. You will attract more leads, higher quality leads and in turn, you will convert more sales leading to increased revenue. When SEO is done well, the amount returned on your budget will far outweigh the costs. You will avoid costly mistakes and ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Improve Your Website

The website optimization required to rank well in search engines improves your website and the user’s experience of it. When this is done, the overall experience a customer or potential client has using your site gets better and improves your conversion rates as well. By optimizing your website, you are also making for a better user experience which will make for happier customers and more revenue

Provide Additional Value to Prospective Customers

Search engines are programmed to look for the highest value information to return on a search. The pursuit of first page rankings requires that you produce high quality content that speaks to the needs of searchers. Doing this not only increases your chances of showing up high in searches, but also that you will deliver content that helps the prospective customer, builds trust and turns them into a lifelong advocate for your brand.

Earn Organic Traffic

When generating traffic to your website it can come from paid sources or it can come organically. The data shows time and again that searchers are up 80% more likely to click on an organic, or unpaid, search result and they are 3 times more likely to do business with your company when they came to your website through content that solved the need they had in their search terms.

Get Results/Return on Investment

Investing time and money educating yourself, buying tools and upgrading knowledge or running your own paid campaigns to gain high rankings is typically going to cost you more in the long run than hiring an SEO company with expertise and proven methods. By using your budget towards driving organic search results, you will find that you spend a lot less and earn a lot more over time. Be prepared to invest a minimum of 6-9 months to get optimal results and you will find a significant return on the investment.

Maintain Rankings & Constant Improvement

An SEO company will have the team and tools to keep an eye on how your optimization is performing. They will find issues, tweak where needed and keep on top of what your competitors are doing. If your rankings slip, they can quickly diagnose the issue, pivot your strategy and get things back on track. When a new competitor comes out of the gate strong, they will see it and respond right away to continuously maintain your top spot.

SEO companies typically offer additional services as well, so as the relationship builds, you can easily layer on more services that will continue to improve your results and ROI.

Overall, Calgary businesses who have hired a local SEO company have found the investment creates a significant return that more than offsets the cost. Ensure you are hiring a great company and it can pay dividends for you as well. Digital Monk would love to tell you about our services, past results and learn more about how we can help your business thrive. Call today!

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