Maximizing Social Media

In our recent blog about the Top Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2021, one of the most robust trends is maximizing social media. There are several facets to this one but it all boils down to social media being used as a tool to sell rather than just for community building and early discovery. And with this shift will also come the need to really dial in on where your ideal customer is and focus mostly on those platforms rather than trying to be everywhere. It will simply become too costly and time-consuming to be on every platform.

On that note, investing in social media is now a completely different can of worms. For both business owners and marketers, it will now be easier to justify the cost and resources required to have an exceptional social media presence. Gone are the days of wondering what kind of return on investment this line in your budget is bringing, or trying to prove the value of the time spent on the platforms.

Tools that allow you to sell directly on the platform will prove conversions for you and bots can be used to track the next steps taken by a potential lead. Live streams and branded content can now easily show their return. It’s a great time to be using social media to create genuine connections with your audience that you can prove generated activity, leads, conversions and most importantly, sales.

Another critical factor to consider is that the platforms are now providing tools that support sales efforts, such as bots and automation, which free up time and save money on investing in this technology. Your potential customers can now get their questions answered quickly so you have a higher likelihood of converting the sale without needing a team member always on call to provide support.

When we look at other ways to potentially maximize social media time and costs, user generated content is another big one. By having users provide content to you to be repurposed, you save time and money on content creation, get subliminal testimonials and draw in a whole new audience who is likely to be similar to the customer who sent you their content. It’s a win on all sides!

Find ways to encourage customers and audiences to participate with your brand and create their own version of marketing. This really helps fill out your content plans as well, saving a ton of time and budget on production, creative and content creation.

As we dive into marketing plans for 2021, remember that social media can do so much more for you than it has in the past. Consider refining your platform choices to a select few that appeal to your target audience and offer automation tools and streaming options that will benefit your business by reaching the right consumer and supporting your sales efforts.

Social media is a more important sales and marketing tool than ever before. If your business could benefit from a strong strategy, reach out today. We can help you hone in on what really matters for your business, where to find your ideal clients and how to execute social media efforts that increase your presence AND your sales!

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