Blogs Help Your Business Get Found Online

You’ve heard it a million times – blogs are a must have in your digital marketing plan – but do you actually know why?

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If you don’t thoroughly understand the reason for a tactic like blogging, which can take up a considerable amount of time, you will either fail to do it consistently or may fall victim to bad marketing advice telling you not to bother with blogging. And while there may be the odd case where blogging doesn’t apply, in any basic strategic digital marketing plan, blogs should be a cornerstone of what you’re doing.


So how do blogs help your business get found online?


1.     Consistent Content – This is valuable because when you share content on a consistent basis, your audience gets to know you as a resource to look to when they need information. It also keeps you top of mind with those who have subscribed to your mailing list, blog site or who follow you on social media – essentially wherever you share your blogs to.


Not only does blogging keep you top of mind with your customers and prospects, but it also keeps you top of mind with Google. Every time you add a new blog to your website, it creates a new page for Google to crawl and index, which adds clout to your site. Google sees you as a higher authority as well because you are offering regular content releases.


2.     Search Results – Speaking of Google, if you want to rank high for your target keywords and to show up when users type in long tail search queries, you have to blog. Your blogs should always include keywords that your business is targeting, but you can also focus your topics on key issues or questions people ask when they are looking for your product or service. Writing a blog about how to get grass stains out of white pants is critical for a service like drycleaning or if you sell stain remover.


Providing content that a user wants to read and that is easy for Google to index and return in these common searches is the primary way to get your business found online.


3.     Establishing Authority & Trust – We’ve touched on this a bit already, but when you blog, both Google, your audience and others in your industry become exposed to your thoughts, ideas and advice. After you have consistently shared high quality, useful content, both the digital world and the people interacting with your blogs begin to see you as an authority on subjects related to your industry, thus building trust. This makes people (and Google) more likely to share or recommend your content to others, which will gain you new exposure online (and referrals too!). The more your content is shared, the more organic traction you will gain, which gets you seen online and opens the door to new audiences you may never have dreamed of.

4.     Lead Capture – Blogs are also great to use in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Many high traffic blogs can be repurposed as lead magnets to attract readers to sign up for your newsletter or join your mailing list. They can also be used to find new followers on social media.


Well crafted content that attracts a lot of attention is perfect for this use. You’ve established your authority on the subject so why wouldn’t new followers want to hear more from you?


While blogging takes some time, once you’re in a rhythm, the content should come much more naturally. Consider what your customers commonly need to learn when using your products or services. How can you help them, educate them and enhance their experience? Write about that consistently, share your content on your website, social media channels and with your mailing list and you will experience significant growth in your online presence over time.


If blogging is not for you, or you simply don’t have the time, Digital Monk can collaborate with you to craft great content ideas, write blogs that get attention and help you distribute them in all the right places!


Reach out if we can help your business get found online more often!

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