Video Strategies For Small Business

73% of small businesses with a YouTube channel agree that it has helped them to grow their customer base. – Oxford Economics

We have all heard that video is becoming king, but there are actually changes in motion that will cement this. The data supports that users like to watch videos to learn about products and that a solid video strategy can improve your ability to attract and retain customers. But the social platforms are also making the switch. The massive rise of TikTok has pushed the other platforms to adapt and Instagram is already favouring Reels and videos in their algorithm. That is set to steadily increase as the platform recently released their intention to move to a more video-based offering.


Many small businesses worry that using video will be costly or time consuming for them. While high quality video production is worth its weight in gold, making the time and money invested worth it, it’s definitely not necessary to succeed with a great video strategy. And honestly, our advice to clients is to have a few high quality videos you can use on your website home page or to introduce your business, but the rest can all be created easily on your cell phone.


So how can small businesses use inexpensive video strategies to grow their customer base? Check out a few ideas below, but first, some video tips.


1. Your cell phone is all you need to capture great video.

2. Most platforms prefer vertical video so shoot with your phone upright.

3. Make sure the lighting is good where you are filming.

4. Use a tripod (or something similar) to stabilize your phone so there are no shaky vibes.

5. Utilize free (or low cost) video editing software.


On to some strategies that you can use to get more videos out there on a smaller budget and how you can use them to create demand.


● Ensure all content you create, including video, has a key message that is central to all your marketing collateral.

● Think about what business issue you’d like the video to address. At which point of the marketing funnel are your customers at? An intro video will help you to increase interest, whereas a customer testimonial can help push that client over the edge and sign on the dotted line.

● Take your time to write up a script with your audience in mind. Make it relevant, relatable and succinct. You don’t have to have a huge budget to dip your toe into the ocean of video.

● Consider working with an agency if you don;t feel comfortable or have the time to manage video production effectively. You’d be surprised at how much a good video production agency can make sure your budget goes as far as possible.

● Remember a video is an investment if done well, you should see a good return of investment even long after the content has been delivered.

● Engage your team and customers in your videos. People like to see other people doing their work, using your products and talking about your business.

● Encourage your customers to create and share videos of them using your products and services. User generated content is heavily favoured by consumers and social platforms.

● Use low cost or free animation tools to create animated explainer videos. These can be used on your website, YouTube, social media campaigns, in newsletters, as an onboarding tool for new customers or as part of your email marketing campaign when moving potential customers through the buying journey.

● Showcase your product using demo videos. Demo videos or product videos are super helpful to explain how your product or service works. They present your product in action and urge your audience to buy or use your service by showing how you solve their problems.

● Record every day stuff that happens in your business. If you don’t have a physical location, record yourself talking about challenges in your business or problems you’re helping customers solve. People like to know about what happens behind the scenes, the struggles and triumphs you have and even the basic day to day stuff like two team members accidentally wearing matching outfits. This is specifically useful for social media.


Lastly, when it comes to distributing your videos, this is where you might want to engage an expert. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube all offer excellent ways to get the most from your video content, but effectively optimizing these can take some knowledge. You can learn directly from the platforms, which we highly recommend if you’re DIY’ing it, or you can seek expert advice or support to reach your intended audience with each platform or option. If you have the interest, time and capacity to learn and execute video campaigns well, go for it, but often hiring an expert will save you a lot of grief and time that takes you away from making money. It can be easy to make a case that you can afford a marketing agency when you calculate the time you spend learning and managing your video (or any other aspect) marketing.


Before we wrap up, there are a few other considerations to make with your video, specifically with distributing them so you get the most traction possible.


-Google returns YouTube videos in search results so you need your videos to be properly optimized for search as well.


-Be sure to share your videos in niche communities you belong to such as Facebook or LinkedIn groups, Pinterest, Reddit and pretty much any area you connect with your customers or prospects.


-Use Live videos as a chance to connect directly with your audience, but then use the recorded versions to share as posts and on other platforms.


-Don’t forget to include a call to action in your videos and any posts or places you share the video.


Video should be the primary medium you use to create your content. Having a great video strategy only requires a smartphone, a compelling story and some quality insights on getting visibility to your videos.


With the right planning and a strong message, you can expand your audience and motivate them to take action. Even if your videos don’t feel perfect the first time, keep testing new formats. As technology advances, video is getting easier to create and share so keep an open mind and just give it a try!

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