Should You Outsource Your Social Media Management?

If you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself, the answer is a resounding yes!

When you put social media to work for you, it can be used to create an engaged community around your brand, attract new customers and even as a direct way to provide great service to your customers where they are – because we all know they are on social media!


Considering the many benefits of social media, it’s not hard to make a case that you need to be on there regularly. You need to post great content, connect with your audience and be available when they have questions or reach out in your DM’s.

All of this takes a lot of time. Most entrepreneurs find that just creating the content takes up more time than they can manage. You are an expert at your business and you should be free to do what you do best. Having someone else manage your social media accounts allows you to focus on creating amazing content that can be utilized in various areas of your business and marketing strategy. It also allows you to spend time growing your business which is crucial to your long term success.

So it’s easy to see that it makes complete sense to have someone else manage your social media community, but do you want to go with someone in-house or outsource it completely to a social media marketing agency?

Well, the answer to this question really lies in your needs and what your goals are. It also strongly depends on the expertise you have or that you’ve got on your team. One thing that is valuable to note is that hiring an experienced social media manager to be on your full-time staff is always going to cost you more than outsourcing the job to an agency. This is because you can engage an agency for only the work you need completed without needing to provide a full-time salary, benefits and more. That said, there are always ways to work with an existing member of your team to help support your social media efforts if they have enough knowledge to do a great job for you.

More often than not though, most companies we work with have tried this and social media just becomes too much work and distracts the team member from the job they were originally hired to do. What we find ends up working best is using that valuable member of your team as a close contact but ultimately hiring a social media marketing agency to do the job.

When you hire a social media marketing agency, you get access to years of knowledge and experience. They can design and execute a strategy for posting on social media platforms, but can also be an invaluable support to steer the direction of your content, can offer an elevated graphic design element to your posts and can help you with more sophisticated social ads, lead capture and driving traffic from your social accounts to become your new clients!

Deciding whether to outsource your social media management comes down to one thing. Will the time it saves you and the gains you make by using their expertise make you back enough money to justify the expense? Essentially, can they generate more revenue than you could on your own and will the time you save off of social media create enough benefit to make it worth it?

For the vast majority of business owners we’ve chatted with, the answer is yes. They can focus on growing their business, building their team and creating excellent content. That alone warrants the cost. But then you also get a valuable partner in using social media to execute your marketing strategies and grow your business. This turns social media from a loss leader that is purely an expense to a revenue generating machine. The revenue a great social media marketing agency can help you to generate will offset the cost of posting, which means that you’re growing and you’re covering the cost of what used to be just another expense you saw little return on. And time. Never undervalue the cost of time saved!

If you’re not sure if outsourcing your social media will provide you all of these great benefits, feel free to give us a call. We can discuss a strategy that fits within your budget so you can get the full value of working with us!

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