Emotional Intelligence Makes Your Marketing Better

Emotional intelligence is something we hear a lot about these days, but do you really know what it means?

Emotional intelligence is most often defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage and handle emotions.

In essence, when we are emotionally aware, we are able to genuinely feel and understand the emotions of ourselves and others. We can manage emotions and work with them. As a business, this means you can clearly define your purpose and goals, a well as how you support your customers.

Emotionally intelligent marketing focuses on truly understanding your customers needs, providing valuable solutions and making it seamless for them to do business with you because you have truly considered what matters to them.

Your marketing efforts will be better received when they are tuned into your customers in real time.

What are they looking for right now?

What factors have changed for them and how they buy or use your products/services?

How do you impact their lives?

When you understand the answers to these questions and continually ask yourself how you can adapt and grow with your customers, you’re using emotional intelligence to your benefit. And your customers will appreciate it because you cut right through the noise to exactly what they need. Often, it’s as simple as shifting the lens slightly on how you present your products rather than making any major changes. What you offer likely won’t change a ton in the short term, but how you market should be slightly adjusted all the time in direct response to what your customer needs.

A perfect example of this was as the pandemic has changed, great marketers have realized that their products and services have taken on a new role in their customers lives and have changed their messaging to fit the new needs.

And while SEO can be a very technical topic, and one you rarely associate with emotions, the foundation of wildly successful SEO is working the right keywords and phrases. Choosing the best keywords for your business requires empathizing with your audience and stepping into their shoes enough to answer the questions behind what is driving them to search for that keyword or term. Data is crucial in SEO, but you have to have the right emotional undertone to even consider the best keywords to attract the perfect customers!

Marketing from the perspective of who your customers are, what drives them to you and how you can impact their lives will win you a lot more customers in the long run and they’ll be the kind you truly want – those who stick around and refer their friends. Building an emotional connection with your customers and delivering on those deeper needs will keep them coming back and staying highly engaged with your brand.

Show off your genuine understanding of what motivates your customers in your brand voice, visuals, platform choices, sales process, policies and everything you offer. When creating any campaign, content or policy , filter it for insincerity, self interest and anything else that will annoy, offend or interrupt your customers needs in lieu of what works better for you. When you can get these right, you’ve got a winning formula!

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