Why Your Car Dealership Should Choose An Automotive Marketing Agency

The automotive industry is ultracompetitive, making it super important that your marketing is laser focused on reaching those most likely to do business with you. You also need to optimize, test and optimize again, on repeat, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing dollars and maintaining market share in an ever-evolving landscape. One of the best ways to gain these competitive advantages is to hire a marketing agency that has experience working with car dealerships.

Automotive marketing agencies know how to promote your dealership, how to solve common challenges you face and what gets buyers on to your site and through the doors. They’ve worked with many other dealerships and understand the unique challenges you face. They know how to make your life easier and ensure customers have the simplest pathways to your Sales team. And they have industry relationships that help you to stand out and compete against other dealers in your area. They know what strategies work!

Here are some more specific reasons why your dealership should choose a marketing agency that specializes in working with automotive clients in your area.

  1. They understand your business. Agencies who have worked with car dealers in the past understand the specific needs, challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry. They know how your customers think and where your priorities lie. Having this type of background knowledge means you shorten the discovery and learning phases so you can get started faster and start seeing results quickly as well. Look for an agency that brings their acquired knowledge to the conversation, but also looks for your unique voice and brand to help you stand out.

  2. They know how to make you stand out against other dealers who sell the same brand. The whole reason you want them to be listening for what makes your dealership unique is for this reason. Honing in on the story of your dealership and the people who represent your values is critical to helping you stand out from the dealer on the other side of the city who sells the same vehicles and has access to the same incentives. In order to earn as much market share in your area as possible, you need to give customers a compelling reason to choose you over the others. A great marketing agency helps you to uncover your differentiating factors and leverages that to your advantage.

  3. They also know how to help you sell against competing brands. When a customer types in a competing brand, you want to be there. When they visit a third party site (such as Kijiji or Facebook Auto), you want them to find your listings. There are specific techniques that work for different types of vehicles and different brands. Understanding your target customer for each model you sell, and each of the competitors in your area, means the marketing agency can craft strategies that ensure your dealership and your products are always being considered in searches and online.

  4. They know which tactics work best. Putting together a solid strategy to reach the core customers for each of your products by using the best tools available in your region ensures you make the most of every opportunity – and every marketing dollar. On average, automotive dealerships who work with Digital Monk see at least a 25% reduction in their advertising spend because our strategies ensure you target potential customers with a more focused approach. This finds the right people faster, increases conversions and lowers your acquisition costs for new and returning customers.

  5. They have industry relationships that will benefit you. It’s always who you know and an agency that works with other dealerships will typically have relationships with the vendors that provide the advertising opportunities and marketing tools you need. This gives you the advantage of getting better positioning, better advice, inside information and the lesser known details on which tools are the best. It can also mean you get great pricing and access to the products that work best for your dealership.

There are many reasons to choose a marketing agency that has expertise in your industry, but it’s especially important in a highly competitive market like automotive. And it’s even more important in a highly competitive market where others have the same products as you. Working with experts helps you to get it right faster and more often so you can optimize your budget and achieve your goals.

We’d love to talk to you about the results we’ve achieved for other car dealerships like yours. Give us a call today!

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