Marketing For The Health, Beauty & Wellness Industry

The combined health, beauty and wellness industries are expected to top over $85 billion dollars this year, with projections suggesting a steady climb in the future. That’s a whole lot of market share available to businesses that do a great job of capturing the attention of prospective clients and patients, provide an exceptional experience and continue to stay in touch and keep their audiences engaged.

Marketing For The Health, Beauty & Wellness Industry

Marketing products and services in these industries is often fulfilling and can also be a lot of fun. People need solutions to their health and wellness challenges and you have them. When we’re talking about a dentist or a chiropractor, you can help people to feel better, look their best and exude wellness from the inside out. You can help increase their vitality and quality of life with your services and that’s a truly wonderful thing to be able to share in your marketing content and campaigns. 

When you consider the more cosmetic or beauty related side of the industry, many solutions provide clients the opportunity to address concerns or challenges that they have and may have wanted to solve for many years. In most cases, you are helping a client to enhance their outer beauty which often leads to greater confidence and increased quality of life. 

This makes it clear and simple how to market your products and services – find the customers who need your solutions, show them what is possible and take really great care of them along the way!

The biggest challenge for businesses in these industries is that you are busy! Often the person running the business also provides services themselves and has a full patient or client roster each day. That makes keeping on top of your content creation, campaigns and social accounts pretty difficult. Working with a marketing agency that understands your business thoroughly gives you the support you need and takes the heavy lifting off your hands. 

The team at Digital Monk has worked with various businesses in the health, wellness and beauty industry. We know what digital marketing strategies drive huge results for the different types of practitioners and services. We also understand the best ways to support your business so we work in a collaborative manner, keeping you in the centre of your marketing strategy without having to keep up with all of the work that needs to get done!

Digital Monk’s strategy has evolved into simply – Create, Attract, Engage – and this is exactly how we would organize your marketing strategy. Some key steps include:

  • Uncovering your authentic brand to determine what will allow you to stand out in the market.

  • Creating content, offers and an online and offline experience customers feel safe in.

  • Using the best data-backed tactics to attract your target audience.

  • Engaging with your audience and local community to stay top of mind.

Along with this, you’ll want to Align all aspects of your brand and Elevate it as you settle into what works for you.

  • Ensure your core values are consistently aligned across all fronts. This means streamlining your voice and visual brand, internal and external communications, carrying your mission and values through everything you do and ensuring that everyone on your team is moving in the same direction so patients and clients have a consistent experience.

  • Elevating your brand and results looks like consistently reviewing what’s working, what’s not and tracking trends in the marketplace. Taking each opportunity that presents itself to hone in further on what makes your brand special or taking feedback to improve how you do things. It’s also testing your ads and analyzing results to see where you can keep improving.

Essentially, you want to lay a great foundation based on the best direction and information you have available, then once you’ve got a strong alignment, seek to continually refine any area of your business that you can elevate to see consistent improvement and drive toward your goals.

If you choose to work with Digital Monk, here are the core tactics we recommend considering:

  1. Branding – It’s easy to fall into the trap of being just like every other massage therapist, dental clinic or beauty bar because there are so many others, but creating a strong brand is a huge opportunity to stand out in a competitive market. Utilize what truly embodies your uniqueness to help the right people find you!

  2. SEO – In order for the right people to find you, you’ll need a rock solid SEO strategy. For clinics and salons, local SEO is imperative and mastering the Google Business Profile is key. Working with an agency that specializes in local SEO tactics for businesses in the health, wellness and beauty will ensure you hit the top of the Maps listings and search rankings much faster.

  3. Social Media – These industries require building considerable trust with a new client very quickly. Social media is one of the easiest places to make these connections. You can connect with possible patients, share educational information, show them what to expect behind the scenes and so much more. Social media is also a very effective place to keep in touch with your existing clients to bring them back to do regular business with you.

  4. Influencer Marketing – Another easy way to build credibility and trust with audiences is through influencers that they already know (or feel they know) and trust. Connecting with an influencer that has a strong following in your core demographic can really set you apart and put your business on the map. From athletes promoting health and wellness services to local beauty experts promoting where they get the best facials, the sky is the limit here and the best part is that you’re not looking for large scale influencers. It is much simpler and more affordable to work with smaller scale influencers who can promote your clinic within your local area.

  5. YouTube – It’s a rare business that doesn’t benefit from having a YouTube presence, but it’s especially important in an industry where people want to see results happen or hear the stories of those who have been impacted by your services. You can go informational and educational or light, silly and fun, it’s really about capturing your target audience and giving them the type of content they want to consume.

  6. Direct Campaigns – Keeping in touch with your prospect list and existing patient base is critical. Whether you want to send them relevant information, remind them it’s time to book an appointment or you have frequent promotions, building a great list to share direct email or SMS campaigns with will increase your bottom line noticeably and in most cases, you see the impact very quickly.

Marketing a salon or clinic is largely about building trust and keeping people engaged. Providing them with the solutions and services they need to live their best lives. If you do a great job of attracting the right clientele and taking exceptional care of them, your reputation, reviews and referrals will often sell your products and services for you. 

Finding a great digital marketing agency that can help you hone your brand, find your ideal clients and keep in touch with them will make a world of difference in helping you drive your business forward and achieve your goals. At Digital Monk, we become like your internal marketing team – taking the heavy lifting off your plate without adding the high cost or extra tasks of managing your own team.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive!

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