Social Media Tips (Fall 2022)

It seems we could write one of these every few months these days with the number of changes happening in the social media world, but as much as things change, the fundamentals truly stay the same. That said, we do see some trends that continue to grow and some new ones emerging. Here are our social media tips and trends for Fall 2022.

Social Media Tips (Fall 2022)

  1. Get on TikTok – If you’re not already on TikTok, consider this your sign that it’s time! It’s still a common misconception that TikTok is just for the under 20 crowd, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok’s demographic is aging up. While a third of their active users do fall under 20, another third are between 20-29 and the final third averages between 30-49 years old. Unless your target audience is over 50, Tik Tok is the place to be!

  2. Short form video is everything – All of the platforms are catering to short form video in response to the explosion of TikTok. It’s still critical to create longer form videos for your website, YouTube channel and other social platforms, but be strategic and create it in a way that you can grab snippets or film shorter versions as well. IG Reels, YouTube Shorts, Facebook videos and of course, TikTok all favour short videos on social media, as does the average viewer in your audience. Once you have their attention, users will watch longer videos, but your best chance of capturing interest, or attracting new viewers via organic algorithms is catering to the medium of choice – short form video!

  3. Customer service via social media – Another one that if you haven’t started yet, now is the time. This trend, like TikTok and short form video, is not new but it’s reached the point where it’s become expected by your audience. Each platform has its own unique ways to set up customer support options, but the important thing is to make your audience aware that you are available to support them where they spend most of their time, offering quick and convenient access to address their inquiries and concerns. And the most critical aspect is to ensure you are responsive. Don’t just offer the option and then take weeks to respond or never respond at all – you will lose trust with your customers. This leads us to our next tip…

  4. Community management gets more important – It has always been important to grow a true community feel on your social platforms, but customers are now expecting that you respond to their comments, DM’s and requests for information. They want to tag you in their own user generated content and see it interacted with and shared. Listen to what your audience is talking about and above all, respond. Let them know you are there and will engage with them. 

  5. The rise of the influencer – Yet again, influencers have been around for as long as social platforms have, especially on Instagram, but the micro influencer continues to become more important and attainable for smaller businesses. Find the influencers in your niche and local area (where relevant) and make connections with them. Build a mutually reciprocal relationship where their audience benefits from the influencer sharing your content with them and you’ve got a surefire way to draw new audiences in all the time. We have one client who sells out their services for months with a simple post on a key influencer account. It’s not out of reach and can be much more affordable than you expect!

As we put together this list, we realized that none of this is new information, it’s simply that we are at the point where these particular trends have all reached “requirement” level. Trends go from nice to have if you want to be ahead of the curve, to generally expected by audiences and these are all at that point. If you’re not on TikTok, creating short form content, working with influencers and managing your customer community/service on social media, you’re now behind. 

One thing we have also noticed is that many of our clients have avoided taking these steps up until now because they lack the capacity to manage them, they are intimidated by video content creation or both. While we can support you with both, there are also some tools that can help too.

  1. CapCut – This video editor makes creating short form video a breeze. Watch a quick tutorial on the edits available and you’ll be capturing and editing awesome social content right from your cellphone in minutes.

  2. Hootsuite – Or other social listening tools. Most people know these tools as a place to manage your posting calendar, which is extremely helpful, but they also offer streams where you can quickly and easily manage your online communities. Get notifications when people comment on your posts or send DM’s all in one place so you can respond quickly, right from your phone as well. 

  3. TrendTok – When you jump onto a platform like TikTok, it can be overwhelming to decipher the trends without spending hours on the platforms cruising videos. Apps like TrendTok tell you what’s trending so you can decide if it’s relevant to your market and find smart ways to incorporate the current trends into a lens that will fit your audience. 

  4. SnapTik – And when you’re done creating all of those amazing TikToks, use a tool like SnapTik to remove the TikTok watermark so your content can be repurposed onto IG, FB and YouTube. 

Check out a few of these tools to lighten the load when it comes to social media, or check in with our team for some extra support on creating content, posting on social media and engaging with your digital community. 

And don’t forget, the most important tip on social media is to be consistent, post content that’s relevant to your business goals and always ask yourself if what you’re creating is helpful (or at least enjoyable) for your audience. Happy Posting!

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