SEO Ranking, how your dental clinic can get noticed online

According to statistics, in 2017 The province of Alberta currently regulates over 2,500 dental clinics and that number is growing quickly.


The competition is fierce and being able to stand out as the best choice for your customers is the number one priority for your marketing campaign.


This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes in. SEO is what gets a company to show up on the first page of Google. It makes sure that your dental clinic is top of mind and also helps to show you as a leader and authority in the industry.


If you show up amongst the first few listings or within the first few pages, using key words that resonate with potential clients, you are more likely to lead them to your website and begin to earn their business.


Google is used by potential clients to learn about your business. Firstly, having the right keywords attached to your SEO will make sure that you show up when someone is looking for a dentist. Use keywords from day to day language, and although you want to include some that are specific, make sure you set up your SEO in a way that matches what someone would search for, like Dentist near me, or Calgary Dental Clinic.


Being able to show up on the first page or amongst the first few listings takes time. You may need to invest in some advertising with google to be able to build traction and also may require an ad campaign that is continuous especially in such a large industry, but with a competent marketing strategy and proven approaches, you can boost your SEO Ranking and start to show up ahead of the competition.


Creating engaging web content and blogs that will provide value to your reader will also really help to boost your SEO. If you are able to get comments and likes, even shares, this will greatly enhance your strategy and build a stronger ranking online.


Be sure that your blogs sound genuine and you aren’t just using them as a way to get key words on your page. Readers will see through this and lose the connection you are establishing. Keep things genuine, valuable and interesting. In the long term this will gain more traction.


Label any images that you have on your website, as this will also connect to your SEO and show up in searches. Make sure you label them with relevant keywords, like, “Northmount Dental Care Reception Desk, Calgary” not “Kim at the front desk”.


Be sure to keep checking in and monitoring how you are ranking. Make sure you look at your analytics, see what is working for you and what isn’t. Try not to get emotionally attached to any specific elements, as anything that isn’t working should be adjusted accordingly and time spent on the content that is creating conversions, leads and sales.

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