Tracking and monitoring your progress is key.

You’ll have access to a ton of analytics through the Facebook advertising platform and be able to see what is working and what isn’t. Be sure to adapt accordingly but avoid kneejerk reactions and use logic to proceed with your campaign.



Facebook advertising

Can help to not only boost your website visits and store traffic but is a trusted medium to open up conversation and chats. If you are a smaller business there are buttons for asking questions, allowing you to develop a relationship with potential clients, and start to interact personally right away. Larger companies may want to add the auto responder element to help manage client interactions too.

Facebook ads can also help you increase your email list, with the use of lead ads you can generate a marketing campaign to gain followers and add them to your marketing list.

Facebook advertising can improve your SEO ranking and also grow blog flowers and introduce you to new markets globally.

If you are not yet using Facebook advertising and want to learn more, contact Digital Monk Marketing to schedule a call to discuss your needs.