One out of three Canadians listened to podcasts monthly in 2020

This makes an irrefutable case for businesses to consider adding a podcast to their regular content creation and digital marketing plans.

Creating a podcast is much simpler than most people expect it to be, especially when you work with a professional podcast producer.

 Recording a podcast can be quite easy. You simply lay out the key points you want to cover and have an online conversation like you’re talking to a great friend. It really is that easy!

But getting the podcast properly captured, edited and distributed takes more skill and expertise. When you consider how inexpensive podcast production is in Calgary, it makes perfect sense to allow the experts to create perfectly packaged podcast episodes that integrate with your digital marketing strategy.

At Digital Monk, we make podcast production straightforward and easy for you. We can record multiple episodes at a time for maximum efficiency. Then each episode is expertly produced so it is well edited (excluding the fumbles and the umm’s) and distributed using branded graphics across all platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google and YouTube).

A podcast episode is considered long form content that can be repurposed in multiple ways. You can publish the episodes on your website for additional SEO value, use excerpts on other areas of your site, capture shareable sound bites for social media and even use certain episodes to reach your target audience and gather new prospects. You can learn more about Why Your Business Needs a Podcast on our podcast! 

35% of Canada’s podcast listeners are between 18 and 34 years old. 41% are aged 35 to 54 years old, and 25% are over 55 years old.

Considering the majority of podcast listeners are in their prime buying years, this is a market you cannot afford to miss out on. A well curated podcast can establish you as a leader in your industry and capture attention that you may not have been able to build anywhere else. Your business can add value to your existing customers and find prospects, as well as generating a ton of useful content for your various platforms or newsletter.

There are so many ways a podcast helps to grow your business!

We can help you find a unique perspective to share in a podcast and we’ll support you through every phase of production and publishing so you get the most out of your investment. Let’s get started growing your business and building your profile today!