SEO Ranking. How Car Dealerships Can Stand Out Online


With at least 84 franchised car dealerships in Calgary alone, it is so important that you use all the available technology to be able to stand out to your potential clients and create warm leads with potential buyers.

With so many options available to car buyers in the city, being able to get their attention at the very beginning of their purchasing journey is key. Giving them a positive first impression online doesn’t necessarily mean simply great customer service. There are many other ways that your dealership can stand out as an authority, and as one of the best dealerships before you even come face to face with a potential client.

This is where SEO, or search engine optimization comes in. Now days the first place anyone searches for most things online is Google. Being able to show up there is key. SEO optimization can help to get your dealership appearing early on in the search results. This immediately demonstrates your business as an authority. Naturally buyers will have a more positive opinion of a higher-ranking website and business, and trust is increased right away. With a higher-ranking site, you’ll take on higher authority, and take on more leads from anyone searching for auto dealers.

You will be seen as a leader in the automotive industry as your information will be considered trustworthy and beneficial.

Secondly, having a great star rating and positive reviews also helps to not only boost SEO but to gain trust with anyone searching your business.

In general, the statistics show that buyers will narrow their search and comparisons to 2 dealerships. You need to be able to stand out in such a narrow margin and having a solid SEO plan will help you to do that.  60 percent of searches lead to the buyer clicking on only the first 3 links they see, and finally choosing two dealerships.

There are many ways to stand out and optimize your SEO to get your dealership to the forefront of the searches.

Choose the best targeted keywords, make sure that you chose words that would be typed in by a potential client, that make sense. Not just random phrases that apply to your dealership. Know your target market and exactly what they are searching for. Use the keywords that apply.

Post beneficial content that not only is interesting for the reader and provides value, but also content that can generate interaction, likes, subscribes, feedback and conversation. Be active online if you can and create a community that drives your SEO.

Optimize key words and use them behind the scenes. Instead of overusing keywords in your copy and making your posts and blogs sound forced and strange, add keywords in other places. Be sure to always add alternate text and titles for photos, meta tag descriptions and title rags and more.

Show up regularly and be sure to track and monitor your numbers regularly so that you can see what is working and what isn’t.

There are many ways to improve and boost your SEO ranking and create a positive and regular space on the internet that will drive customers to your website and dealership.

Digital Monk Marketing can help you plan and run an effective SEO campaign and help get your dealership noticed. Contact us today to learn more.