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Your customer has a need, and when they search for a solution your company needs to have a top-of-page-option for them. If you’re not ranking on the first page in search engines, your company is not even getting considered in the shopping process. It’s like opening a business without putting up signage or turning on the lights!

You need an SEO company to help you get found online…

● 93% of digital, online experiences start with a search engine

● 95% of all searchers click on one of the links on the first page

SEO is the most important tactic in your marketing plan and should always be included as a foundational piece. It informs everything else you do and where you put your efforts. Working with an SEO company in Calgary is the best way to ensure your SEO gets the expertise it deserves.

Good SEO is worth its weight in gold and will pay for itself in a short period of time. Always budget for high quality SEO services if you want to ensure your company is successful online. That means hiring the best SEO company in Calgary to help you get there!

● SEO is the single biggest factor in lead generation, according to 57% of marketers.

● 82% of marketers report the effectiveness of SEO is increasing, and 42% report effectiveness is increasing significantly.

Digital Monk Marketing is a proven SEO company based in Calgary. We have extensive expertise in various SEO tactics to help your website rank higher through both organic and paid solutions. We know what kinds of questions your target clients are asking, how to increase your solution’s visibility and how to attract attention to your website. We know what works and we want to put our SEO expertise to work for you.

Top ranking web pages have these critical qualities when compared to lower ranking pages:

● They are an average of 17% faster

● They have an 8.7% lower bounce rate

● They have almost 6x more links

● They contain an average of 1,890 words

SEO involves so many facets of your digital footprint and it’s ever changing. If there is one marketing service that you contract to experts, this is it. An SEO company has experts that are consistently updating their knowledge and tactics to include the newest algorithm updates from Google. They analyze the data behind the strategy and make regular tweaks to improve your rankings. In highly competitive industries especially, the smallest details can give you an edge over your competition so you can rise to the top, but you need the best SEO company to get there!

Not sure how to achieve these crucial factors for your website? Don’t worry, we do – Let’s chat!

Your marketing plan should always be a joint effort. You are the expert on your business and we are the experts at getting you seen online and creating traffic to your website.

Working closely together, we can guide you through creating the perfect plan to lead paying clients directly to your website.

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